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Phoenix and Glendale, AZ Homes

In the heart of the Valley of the Sun lie the cities of Phoenix and its western suburban neighbor, Glendale. Together, these cities comprise the most influential municipal area in the central and western part of the larger Phoenix metro area.

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As two of the state’s largest cities, with growing economies and vibrant residential areas, Phoenix and Glendale are popular areas for homebuyers to search. These Phoenix and Glendale, AZ homes give their owners access to some of the metro area’s finest arts and cultural offerings, outdoor attractions, and gorgeous scenery.

The homes in western Phoenix and in Glendale offer a variety of different environments for a diversity of tastes among homebuyers. Phoenix and the eastern part of Glendale are known for their established residential neighborhoods, many of which fall within master-planned communities.

As homebuyers search farther west within Glendale, they come to the more sparsely-developed residential areas at the frontier of the metro area, out beyond Luke Air Force Base. These properties are ideal for homebuyers who want to live on lots with acreage, or those who enjoy spectacular views of the White Tank Mountains.

Should homebuyers opt instead to live among the delightful master-planned communities closer to the center of the metro area, they can look forward to a variety of amenities. In addition to maintaining neighborhoods and ensuring standards, master-planned communities offer conveniences such as pools, fitness areas, sports facilities, playgrounds, and more. Some even offer golf courses or lakes.

Median prices for homes in western Phoenix and Glendale fall in the middle of the $100K range, meaning that the high quality of life is quite affordable for most homebuyers. Homes with large lots or those in luxurious communities are likely to deviate from this median value, and may be listed at prices significantly higher.

This is especially true when homes in the northern leg of Glendale’s area are considered. Here, homes are more frequently valued in the $200K to $400K range, and some luxury properties exceed the $1M price point.

Homebuyers who select a new home among the properties for sale in Glendale and Phoenix, AZ can look forward to a wealth of new things to see and experience. One of the best aspects of life in this area is the concentration of nearby attractions, along with the ease of access provided by convenient roadways.

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Phoenix itself is home to world-class museums, Glendale offers no paucity of cultural destinations. While Phoenix offers points of interest such as the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Art Museum, and the Phoenix Museum of History, Glendale hosts the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, the Adobe Mountain Museum, the Glendale Historical Society Museum, and the Challenger Space Center.

Phoenix is also home to a number of performing arts venues, such as the Phoenix Symphony Hall, the the Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix Metropolitan Opera, and the Herberger Theatre Center. On the other hand, Glendale is known for its local festivals, such as December’s Glendale Glitters celebration, the Glendale Chocolate Festival, and the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival.

Those residents who prefer the outdoor environment to arts and culture are sure to be impressed by this area as well. This is certainly the case for golfers, who can look forward to the dozens of challenging courses strewn throughout Phoenix and Glendale.

Homebuyers who enjoy outdoor recreation are sure to note the presence of the White Tank Mountains just to the west and the lower peaks to the north. These areas harbor terrific destinations for hikers, campers, mountain bikers, and sightseers.

Examples include Thunderbird Recreation Park, Deem Hills Park, White Tank Mountain Regional Park, and Skyline Regional Park. Residents can also enjoy the North Mountain and Shaw Butte area which rises from the valley floor within northern Phoenix itself, right near Glendale.